Yesterday, again, we went to Chickpete to buy steel bowl gift items to give to our visitors on our housewarming day.

After giving invitation cards, we noticed we bought some shortage… so we had to go again.


Today I wanted to share one of the real stories that recently happened with our neighbourer house.

They recently built a house.

Everything looks perfect for a few months. When the rainy season starts, they realise their mistake they did…

Due to the issue they were facing because of rain, they decided to fix the issue.

But they realised their mistake late, as any new user does…

So whatever the solution they are going to take now is not a good solution.

Moreover, if they try to implement the solution now, it will spoil their front elevation look.

It seems like their rain problem is creating more issues than the design issue they care about.

After the rainy season, they finally decided to fix the problem…

MS fabricators came and implemented an alternative solution to the brand-new house.

After that fix, their front elevation look got somewhat spoiled.

Most new owners don’t remember those small tips… Labourers or contractors also don’t bother guiding.

When they face a problem, they are going to fix it. They can fix some issues, but many cannot be fixed later.

I shared that building photo, their mistake and the solution you must remember while constructing your building inside my building contractor guide in the 4.40 section.

Please don’t make the same mistake as many new users and regret it later.

Implement it in the construction stage and make it more beautiful than the spoiling building look by implementing alternative solutions.

Read the 4.40 section on the building contractor guide to know it »