I hope you already came across this line before. If not, make sure you read this post before hiring your friend/relative as a contractor. We ignored this line, and we paid for it.

Here’s our story.

One of our dad’s friend who is helping in our construction process recommended his brother for Electrical Contract work in our building. Without thinking anything we assigned the electrical contract to this guy and he offered better pricing compared to any other contractors.

Things going good for few days.

When real work started we noticed he is not skilled enough to do the job. He literally doesn’t have experience with the job. Things started heating up between us and the electrical contractor. Our Friend who recommended the electrical contractor is started supporting his brother himself and because of this, our friendship spoiled with our dad’s friend.

When the final payment settlement day came, both the Electrical contractor and our dad friend (electrical contractor brother) came and started demanding more price than we discussed.

When we told them this is not what we discussed he asked us for proof of discussion or agreement if any. Unfortunately, we haven’t done any written agreement between the electrical contractor and us.

Finally, we decided to gave what he asked for and get rid of this guy.

At the end of the day, we paid more than we discussed and lost friendship with our dad friend.

What I recommend is, Avoid doing any kind of business with friends/relations. If not possible, at least make a written agreement before starting work.