Our engineer didn’t guide us, nor did our building contractor.

It’s an experience that I gained from the rental property that we stayed before.

I’m thankful for that property.

If they hadn’t made such a mistake on their property and I didn’t practically face such an issue myself, then I don’t think we would have taken care of that mistake in our building.

I don’t think our engineer or building contractor bothered to explain to avoid making that mistake.

I guess most new houses could have avoided this mistake if that was the case.

I don’t see that happening.

Most new houses and existing houses I see regularly make this mistake.

Sometimes, I cannot even control myself seeing the stupidity of this mistake made by the house owner, building contractor, or engineer.

I laugh and move on…

Maybe they are making those issues purposefully, you may think. It could be there….

But I think those who are making that mistake purposefully haven’t faced the issue’s intensity yet.

I’m sure they will experience the mistake one or the other day. At that time, they had no option to fix this issue.

It should be taken care of mostly in the construction phase.

Near our house, there are two professional engineer’s houses are there. They didn’t make this mistake in their own house.

Did it happen accidentally, or did it happen purposefully?

I believe it happened purposefully.

I don’t know whether your engineer or building contractor will guide you on this topic. I Have no control over it. All I can help you is pointing out the common mistakes and guiding the consequences of the issue before it happens.

The decision to implement or not is left to you.

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