How to really get a good Housewarming date

Who doesn’t want to get a good Auspicious date for their house? Everyone needs a good date.

But those dates are given by our Astrologer. We only need to believe what they say.

Some of you might have some basic idea… having a basic idea doesn’t help much.

So, whatever our Astrologer tells us a good date, we must listen and fix our function on those dates.

There is a problem with this method. 

The reason is, these days our “Astrologers” are smart. They give dates only when they are available… 

Not when the date is really good for you. 

I have noticed such incidents many times myself. 

Obviously, it’s a big-ticket item for astrologers. So, none of the astrologers want to miss your gruha pravesh pooja. 

There is nothing wrong with this… 

But how do we ensure our astrologers give you an Honest and auspicious date?

We cannot get to know about a good date… But I have a small suggestion to increase the chances of getting a good date.

Follow the suggestion I shared inside my Housewarming Function at #1.2 section and ask your Astrologer to give a good date. 

Your chances of getting really good date will increase.


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