A few days back, the power suddenly went off at night in our house.

Initially, whenever the power went… we faced some dark issues in our building.

Even though we have 2 battery Inverter setup in our house, we didn’t properly set up, or I can say we didn’t properly utilise it.

We missed a few things like any beginner do.

When the power failure started, we realised what we had missed and wished we could have done that thing.

But we realised late.

We couldn’t easily implement that feature now… it requires some work, money and technicians to do that.

So we always postpone that task until we start the extension work of our first building.

I also forgot to add that point in my electrical work guide.

When a power failure happened few days back, I remembered that point and added it to my electrical work guide at 5.62.

So keep that point in mind when you are doing electrical wiring time.

Doing that task at the right time is easier than hiring another electrician to implement it later.

We paid our price, you don’t need to.