Site marking is one of the beginning house construction activities done by your building contractor.

Once you finish Bhoomi/Gudali Pooja, you will do the site cleaning and leveling by JCB or manual labour.

If you already did this work before Gudali Pooja, you don’t need to do that again.

After all these activities, your building contractor will come to the picture.

before site marking

enginner pillars plan

rods used in site marking

site marking

site marking top view

You need to bring a thread and arrange Msand.

The rest of the materials, like rods, tape, other tools, etc., are bought by your building contractor.

Before he starts the site marking process, you need to have engineer building plan sheets ready with you.

Based on the engineer plan, your building contractor will do the site marking on your site.

In site marking, wherever pillars, sump, and site boundary come, they are accurately measured by measuring tape and tying some thread for straight line marking.

For marking purposes, they use Msand.

They put Msand wherever the column, sump and site boundary comes.

This process is called site marking.

This is a very important process.

You need to verify the measurement properly, or else the room size will be different than your engineer’s plan.

Double verify once.

If this is your first time, you can take your engineer’s help to verify this again.

If you will use your engineer’s help, call them when your building contractor and labourer are available.

If your engineer suggests some changes, they could make changes that time itself.

Once marking is done, the next process is digging earth with the help of JCB or Manual labour wherever site marking is done.