How Cement Unloaders Cheat Customers

Have you ever bought cement in bulk, like 50 bags at once? Then you might get cheated without actually knowing it.

It happened recently to me. I’m still not sure I got cheated or not. But somehow cement bag count was missing and not tallying with the actual cement bag I ordered.

Usually, I order 130 bags of cement during molding time. While unloading cement bags during molding time, one of the gang owners alerted me regarding how one of the cement unloading guys who is unloading cement bags cheated 7 bags of cement on one location and how he got caught and warned me correctly to take count.

That’s when I start realizing some cement bag count dispensary about 5 to 6 bags on previous mold time.

Although they gave count after delivery, we cannot correctly verify the count without removing the bags, which is impossible unless you remove all the cement bags.

How Cement Unloaders Cheat?

When you order bulk cement bags, cement unloaders usually place cement bags one row after another.

They have to place cement bags like that itself.

When they place cement bags one row after another, the backside row won’t be visible to us to count correctly.

And, you might think we can guess by height. That’s where we make mistakes.

They adjust the height by placing some bags improperly. Sometimes they even tell the floor is down or one bag went to the backside like that.

Usually, we cannot verify cement bag count when they place cement bags one row after another row. We can only guess about the count. That’s how they cheat.

How Can You Avoid this Cheating?

1) Always ask them to show count after placing one row of cement bags. By doing this, you can see and adequately count the cement bags. If possible, always take count by 2 people. It helps to crosscheck count in a faster way. As delivery boys will be waiting, they may make you do it in a hurry.

Cement bags are placed in a single row which helps in counting
Cement bags are placed in a single row which helps in counting.

2) Stand outside the shed itself. You cannot stand inside the shed, as cement dust will be there everywhere while unloading so

3) You can also take count on the delivery vehicle itself

After losing ₹2,100 (5 bags * 420 per bag) worth of cement bags, I learned my lesson.

I hope this tip will help you in avoiding this cement unloading scam.

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