Regarding our Smart Home Attempt

During our first house construction time, I wasn’t aware of the smart home and IOT concept yet.

But one thing I’m sure of is… having a proper network should be set up for our entire house.

So with my networking knowledge, I implemented the networking concept for the full building.

Due to good broadband speed… I learned the smart home concept online and implemented some automation in our first house.

Thanks for the proper implementation of Networking all over our building.

If I hadn’t implemented the full building, I couldn’t have implemented IoT (Internet of Things) automation on our building.

I tried many automation in our building, like…

– checking the water level in the sump

– lights On/Off control inside our house

– auto On/Off outside lights during the evening. Auto off at a particular time daily

– switch on/off the fan (ordinary fan) from the mobile app

– borewell automation and more

All these can be controlled anywhere in the World through Internet.

But due to some limitations, now I only stick with…

1)  Auto lights On all the outside lights as soon as the sunset during the evening and off lights at a particular time

2) Borewell automation

Only these two automation I’m still using it.

If in case, I didn’t have a proper network setup in our house, I wouldn’t be able to use the above automation in our house.

Smart Home is coming in the future. Make sure your house is ready for it.

Who knows what features you may need in the future?

If your infrastructure is ready, within a few minutes, you can use the latest devices/technology in your house anywhere you want in your building.

Oh… Don’t just think about yourself.

Think about feature generation as well.

It doesn’t cost much to implement.

Yes, still cost some money… but definitely worth investing in it.

If this is something you are interested in, visit the below link to learn more:

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