Today I got a comment on my temporary electricity connection article.

Below is the exact comment:


How much does it cost to make permanent connection from Temporary connection taken while construction of the house..

Our new contractor from this layout is telling us to Pay 2 lakhs rupees which includes NOC 800000 and rest all amount for DD and connection itseems.

I feel he is fraud.

Could you please tell me the correct procedure.


I honestly didn’t properly understand what this reader was saying fully. But based on what I understood from that comment.

This user has finished his house construction and plans to take a permanent electricity connection.

Now… when he asked his “NEW” contractor about a permanent connection, he felt the new contractor was a fraud because of the high price quote that the contractor gave.

It looks like this user made a few mistakes… which is similar to what most users do in their first building construction.

  1. Why did he change the contractor? What happened to the old contractor… who did his electrical work in the building?

  2. He made the mistake of hiring the wrong person to do the electrical contract work

  3. If he was careful enough in hiring, he could have avoided the shock given by electrical contractors at the end of the construction work

In my electrical work guide, I clearly shared how to pick the right electrical contractor and what are all the things users need to check before hiring electrical contractors.

Based on the instruction, this guy clearly violated a few guidelines I shared in my guide.

Now at the end of the construction, he is in big shock seeing the price quote got from the NEW electrical contractor to take a permanent connection.

This is a common trick/scam played by all electrical contractors.

This is where they make money…

Not in the electrical labour work.

If this user had read my electrical work guide, I’m sure he could have avoided such a situation.

Checkout my electrical work guide here to avoid getting shock at the ending time like the above guy