Last Sunday all our family members went to my brother’s wife’s home.

In their house, I have one favourite place to spend my time. It’s in the first-floor sit-out area where one single-seater swing is installed.

I love to spend most of the time there because of the natural ventilation, and I love playing with that swing chair…

While playing, I noticed something looked different on their sit-out area flooring.

I asked my brother’s wife brother, “Did you do something to the flooring?”

He replied, Yes.

We tried fixing the flooring tiles this time to fix the water leakage issue we have been facing.

How much did you spend on this task?

He replied, Around ₹5,000. We are waiting for the next rain to see if this solution has worked.

Ok… I replied and continued my enjoyment with the swing chair.

They built a house 4 to 10 years ago. They have been trying to fix that one issue in their house since that time.

That is…

Water leakage from the First floor (where they stay) to the Ground floor house in the Hall area, where their tenants stay.

By this time, they had already spent more than ₹30,000 to fix this leakage issue. But they are still not able to fix that problem.

They only face this issue during the rainy season. Not at any other time.

I got to view their tenant’s house once where the leakage is happening… the hall ceiling and nearby walls are completely dark. The paint came out because of water leakage.

To fix the main problem, they have some vastu problems, so they are trying all other alternative solutions, but none of them are working.

If they were aware of such a problem during construction, they could have easily fixed it.

Now, it’s late.

They simply spend money on multiple alternatives yearly once when the problem intensifies during the rainy season. The rest of the time, they carry out regular things.

These are simple concepts. While constructing a house, this kind of problem we don’t remember. During that time, our main focus will always be on finishing that day’s work and taking a rest.

These types of future issues we don’t notice in most cases.

If you want to avoid such inconvenience after constructing your house, then understand what you need to take care during construction time.

As soon as we returned home, I started writing about it. And now the guide is ready.

I shared everything you need to know in my Rainy Days guide.

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