A farm house in a village

This morning, I got an email from one of our reader. Below is his email:


Your emails are too good.

Any experience with regards to building a house in a large plot / sort of a farm house in a village?

Landscaping plans, planning trees, laying pipes for watering, motor, long Distance electricals and fence. What kind of irrigation for scattered plants. How to make a dry land a bit green with shades,
What kind of well options


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Your emails are too good.

Thank you.

Any experience with regards to building a house in a large plot / sort of a farm house in a village?

I personally never had any such experience. But two of our relatives built their house on agricultural land, a little away from our village.

There are no houses nearby…

Only their houses. Nothing else.

Little far away from the main road. Full silent area…

They are also from Bangalore, and to look after their property, they decided to build a house on their agricultural land.

Simple house for them and another for security/labour house. They usually stay in that house only during the weekend. That’s it.

Anytime we pass their house, we wonder how they can stay at night?

Really… It’s difficult to stay at night when no people are around us. Think about the security as well.

To address your questions… This is what I would do based on my assumption of your land.

Landscaping plans: I use JCB to clean the surrounding area first. You can refer to YouTube videos to get some ideas and plan yourself.

You can also hire professional services online to complete the task.

Planning trees: Depending on the nature of the land and space, you can choose plants.

In our place, coconut trees are common, and they don’t need to worry much about caring for them.

Fruits? could attract unnecessary attraction from other people. Stay from such plants if you don’t want to deal with people.

Laying pipes for watering:

This is not rocket science. Every formers has an underground pipe system for taking water from one location to another. With the help of JCB, it can be done.

If you ask any nearby formers, they will guide you through this. Based on your budget, you can choose from different options.

Long Distance electricals:

Nothing worry. If you have a budget, it can be done easily…

If you speak to a local lineman, they will inform you how much it would cost to take the line to your Plot. They will do the work in a few days if you can pay for it.

You may also need to arrange your TC, Borewell, and Inverter setup.

In the village, a lot of power failures will be there.

Some users also consider Solar panels for power supply arrangements.


You can choose a fence depending on your budget and requirements. Our relatives’ houses are built on more than 1.5 acre of coconut and arecanut agricultural land. They have done Galvanized Barbed Wire fences.

How to make a dry land a bit green with shades:

This is not a difficult task. Once you start planting small plants and watering, the area automatically turns cool and greener.

If you still need much greener, you can go for Ready Lawn.

If your plot is big, then make sure to plan properly and give enough distance per plant to move vehicles/tractors. You need those vehicles for maintenance.

Regarding well options:

I saw no active wells these days.

If you aim to store rainwater, you can build bigger sumps and rainwater harvesting pits to recharge borewells.

The only issue I notice in the farm house is… SECURITY. Especially if it’s far away from the village and no houses are nearby.

That’s all.

This response is given by imagining the agricultural plots in our village.

I don’t know how’s yours, and how much area you have etc.,

When I went to my village a few days back, I felt if we would stay in the village we would be much healthier…

  • No pollution
  • You can do little physical activity if you have agricultural land
  • Daily walk to the agricultural land is also a healthy option

After seeing all our agricultural plots in my village, I felt that and told my dad the same thing.

He also agreed with my opinion.

If you got a such option and security wise no issue, then go ahead and enjoy peaceful life!

– Arun

P S: In a village, getting a power connection is easy, but in the city, if you are doing any bigger project, you must keep a few things.

I shared all that stuff inside my Electrical Contractor Guide. Ensure you know those things before you start your construction work.

We could have committed the same mistake. Thankfully, our engineer alerted us (refer to #2.5).

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