Me and my younger brother going on a bike to get a rental agreement for our rental property. He was driving… and I was sitting in the back seat.

I saw the new construction building installed a Main Gate.

I wouldn’t have sent this email if it was a normal gate.

The gate height and width is like - 8 Feet. If you saw any film actor’s privacy gate, it looks similar but contains some design.

For look-wise, it looks good. But the problem with the bigger and heavier gate is the hinges break down frequently. Once it breaks down, you need to bring MS fabricators, new Gate Hinges and do the Painting work for the Gate.

Plus you need to spend your time arranging all these things.

You may ask How do I know all these things?

If I know correctly, one Quote says, “Experienced Patients know treatment better than a new doctor.”

In my case, it’s the same.

We faced the same issue with our First Building.

Our Neighbour faced a similar issue. In both of our cases, our gates were not Big gates or Heavy gates by any means. It’s like a standard gate size, maybe a little bigger… that’s it. Still, we faced that problem.

Main Gates should be Leight Weight. Use Heavy Gate Hinges. If your gate is more than 2 pieces, Use 4 Hinges instead of just 2 numbers. Preferably the gate which you open more.

Make sure to include those points while discussing the gate contract itself. If you ask at the time of installation, it will cost extra.

P.S.  My other tip is to pick the right cement supplier. Learn that skill with my cement pricing secrets. It’s a small guide (by design). You can finish it in one sitting.