Unresponsive and Responsive Painting Contractor

Our NEW building painting work is going on.

The same painting contractor took another building painting contract. That other building owner is our friend itself, and their building is just behind our building.

Like every Contractor, he also Started their painting work and left working after a few days telling let other (Wood, Granite & Tiles) work get complete and then will start painting work or else again I need to do painting work.

He Stopped Painting Work on that Building...

After a few days, the Owner again told them to start the painting work.  

He is also trying to start again, but due to a labor issue, he can’t able to do that.


Any conservation between them is happening only through US.  

He is not responding to any of their Phone calls at all.

The same Contractor is CALLING US and updating status to US (as he is working in our building now), and even he tells us to inform them about any of his status updates.

The Same Contractor is Responding Properly to US and Not to Them.. Why..??

Because the Owner, the OWNER SON, is somewhat shouting at the Contractor regarding not starting work, Now contractor completely stopped responding to the Phone call.

When he received their CALL, he knew they would shout, so he stopped responding to them on Phone Calls. He only responds when they meet face to face when the Contractor comes to our building for work.

The Owner always tells him to RESPOND to CALLS.. but he always AVOID Them.  

In the meanwhile, the same contractor is working on our building, but not interested in starting or sending labourers to work on that building. 

What can you learn from this?

Anytime you deal with Workers, make sure you treat them well. Don’t think they are workers, and you can shout at them.  

You could shout at them till they get paid, which usually happens weekly.  

Once the payment is made to the Contractors, they can quit responding. Contractors may even stop working with you.  

Once they “Quit,” it would be very difficult to get other Contractors to work on the leftover building. Because no one likes to start half-finished work without old contractor permission, old contactors could object when they start working.  

Always respect Workers and treat them Well. They will do your work happily.  

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