1) Cement Pricing Secrets

So you are constructing your dream house and want to order Cement. Then, read this page before you order Cement again.


Because you may unknowingly be paying ₹5 to ₹25 more prices for each cement bag every time you order Cement from your local cement shop.

We (Me & my Dad) come to know about this fact later.. at the end of our house construction, and you’re lucky because if you read this guide and apply the method, you could save Money immediately!


2) House Construction Tracking System

House construction Tracking System is a way I discovered to track everything while constructing your house.

Why tracking?

Because we don’t want to face issues with contractors while working with them. If we properly track everything, you won’t face problems with your contractors.


3) Bulk Name Numerology Calculator

The bulk name numerology calculator allows you to calculate name numerology in bulk in an Excel sheet.

All you need to do is, enter names or copy-paste names that you need to check the sum of letters in numerology, and our Excel sheet will display the result in one column.


4) Electrical Work Guide

In this Electrical Work Guide, I will share everything you need to know about Electrical work for the new building, picking a good electrical contractor, things you need to remember, tips, etc., in this guide.


5) During Molding Time

During our ground floor molding time, something suddenly went wrong with centering stuff, which could have spoiled our full ground floor mold. Luckily we noticed the problem and acted upon it immediately. In this mini-report, I will share everything I learned on that day and how you can prevent such issues.


6) Internet Everywhere

The right way to take the Internet to every corner of your house so that all your devices are connected to wifi and experience better Internet speed.


7) Our House Construction Expenses

In this, I give access to our house construction expenses details in an excel sheet. You can the see prices of all the products that we purchased for our house construction.

I even shared our house details so that you can compare it with your house construction for cost estimation on rough.


8) Sump Construction Guide 

Before you build your sump, I recommend everyone go through this guide to know some of the best practices and tips every new house builder needs to follow. 

This is based on my personal experience.


9) Toilet Door Privacy Issue 

Read this guide if you plan to install PVC or WPC toilet doors in your house. There is a privacy issue with these door types and how you can prevent those.

You can only implement this step before Plastering work for a permanent solution. If it’s over, you can implement a good temporary solution. 


10) Buying Msand, Jelly Like a Pro

This guide is not about quality checking. Instead, this guide is all about buying Msand and Jelly without taking much stress.

If you are someone who is manually visiting to buy Msand and jelly every time you need it, then this guide will help you to avoid all such stress.

This is the same mistake that we made in our first building. But for the second building, we learned many things, changed our buying method, and saved a lot of stress. 

If you are first time building your house, then this guide could possibly change how you buy Msand and Jelly.


11) Our House Construction Images (Only available for All-Access Pass Holders)

I’m sharing our house construction images here to help first-time house builders.

Usually, the ground floor construction steps are completely different than constructing 1st and above floor.

You are familiar with the construction process once your ground floor RCC work is done.

Most of the images I’m sharing here are ground floor work itself.

This folder contains 1500+ images. 

12) Building Contractor Guide

In this Building Contractor Guide, I will share everything you need to know about a building contractor & his work scop.

Things like- 

1) Picking a good building/labour contractor

2) Our building labour contractor contract terms

3) How I would fix a contract terms knowing what I know now

4) What are all the points you need to keep in a contract terms

5) Payment structure, tips, and more.


13) Housewarming Function

In this Housewarming function guide, I will share a few things you need to know about buying gifts, clothes and some other general things you need to remember to arrange a Housewarming function.

I will share everything I know and things you need to keep in mind from before starting the Housewarming function to finishing the function successfully.


14) Parking Horror (Coming Soon)

Don’t make this common parking mistake made by many new users. It’s very important to remember this point while doing your house foundation work.

Don’t think it’s just a parking space.

Nope. It’s different.

If you make this mistake, you will feel the pain after all the house construction work is done and when you start using your parking space.

Fortunately, I was able to feel the pain while I was staying in the rental property. If I hadn’t noticed that issue, I wouldn’t have implemented that tip while building our house.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do you offer Phone support?

No. I don’t offer Phone support. The only support I offer is email support. If you have any support questions you can reach me directly at arun (at) I usually answer all questions within 24hours.

2) I’m an international customer do offer any other payment mode?

NO. We don’t support other payment mode.

3) What is the best way to contact you?

You can always reach me by sending an email to arun (at)

4) I’m having issue with below Payment Option

If you are having issue with the below Payment Gateway you can also send UPI Payment directly to me.

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