One of our student tenants escaped from a common mistake made by our electrical contractor team.

Luckily, he got only injured on his shoulders, and nothing serious happened.

This incident happened a few days back.

When we were distributing housewarming invitation cards, we were not there in the home.

When we came home, the student came to our house with the electrical device.

He said it fell on my shoulder… the item was also slightly damaged.

My dad and my brother went immediately to check the spot. After checking, they came back.

“It’s an electrical contractor mistake,” They told me.

They didn’t do their job well, so this incident happened.

Now we need to inspect the same for all the houses to prevent further damage to people and devices.

In most cases, some electricians miss this step due to extra work from them they need to do.

I recommend you strictly instruct this point to your electrical contractor, and you also need to monitor while they are doing it… or else they could skip this step.

For us, it isn’t easy to check in all the houses now. As the tenants occupy all our rental property, we cannot go to every house to check.

It’s extra work for us now.

If I call the electrician again to check, they will ask for labour change extra… so remember the below point and instruct strictly to follow it.

If you follow, you can avoid such extra work, labour charges, and damages.

I added this point in my Electrical Work Guide at 5.63.