So you already started your house construction work and are planning to take a Temporary connection from BESCOM in Bangalore, right? 


In the article, I will share my experience taking Temporary electricity connections in Bangalore. 

For your information, I took 3 times temporary connections for my house construction to share about it.

How and Why 3 times?

First Time: We built 1st house construction in Bangalore (2017). This time we built only the Ground, First, and Second floors Partially.

Second Time: We built 2nd House in Bangalore from 2020 to 2023.

Third Time: When we extended partial construction of 1st building. We built the Second floor and third floors (2022 to 2023). 

We had to take temporary connection for our House construction all this time. 

How to Get a Temporary Electricity Connection

Taking a temporary electricity connection is not difficult

All you need to do is, Pick an electrical contractor that you will be using for your house construction and inform them you need a Temporary electricity connection. 

Your electrical contractor does the rest of the process.

If I’m not wrong, You cannot Directly Apply for a connection from your end. 

You always need a Licensed Electrician to do this job. So don’t bother researching bescom temporary connection form, procedure, etc., yourself. 

Documents required for

temporary electricity connection

If you ask your Electrical contractor, they will guide you through all the required documents. If I remember correctly, below are the documents they asked us for.

  1. Approved Building Plan from Panchayath/BBMP

  2. Aadhar Card

  3. Owner Passport size Photos

  4. Site Sale Deed 

If you give all the required documents to your contractor, they will do all the processes and install the temporary meter on your building within 7 days (If the government Server is working fine).

Bescom Temporary Connection Payment

If you are thinking about bescom temporary connection charges, I will share how much I gave when I took the connection. These charges could differ so you can use the below details only for reference. 

Changers depend on how many Kilo watts you take from BESCOM. If you are constructing your house, you need a minimum 2kw connection.  

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Bescom Temporary Connection Recharge

BESCOM is now installing only prepaid meters. That means the power automatically disconnects if the currency is over, and you cannot carry any further work until the meter is recharged. 

Every month you have to do meter recharge, and the bad thing is…

BESCOM temporary meter recharge cannot be done ONLINE

Every month you need to recharge. To recharge every time, you have to go to the BESCOM office. 🙁 

You can ask your electrical contractor where and how to do temporary meter recharge. He will guide you through the process.

Bescom Temporary Connection Deposit Refund

When you take BESCOM temporary connection, they will take some deposit amount while giving a temporary connection. 

For the deposit amount, what they do is, adjust deposit amount to your permanent connection account. They won’t refund the deposit amount in CASH to you.

This deposit amount moving from temporary connection to a permanent account takes some time. 

At least you need to get 3 permanent bills from BESCOM. After, if you ask your electrical contractor, they will give a requisition letter to move the temporary connection deposit to the permanent connection account to BESCOM. 

Once they do, the amount will be credited to one of your choosen RR number. 

You don’t need to pay bescom bills (only that RR number, not all) until the deposit amount is over. They will auto-debit from the credited deposit.  

How to Disconnect Temporary Electricity Connection

Just inform your electrical contractor - they will disconnect and take the meter. 

It’s a hassle-free process. 

If you are building your house for the first time, I recommend everyone get my Electrical Work Guide mini-course to learn everything about electrical work in your building.