Yesterday, my Mom and my wife went to a baby naming ceremony at the backside of our house.

After finishing the function, both of them returned.

I returned from my home office (new building) to our house (first house) to ask how the function was…

Good. Both replied.

While having a conservation, my wife informed me that they wanted to reconstruct their house.

For your information, that house owner had 2 sons and 1 daughter.

At the time of house construction, none of them are married. 

Now… All 2 sons and 1 daughter are married. Anytime their daughter comes home, they don’t have space/room in their house.

Moreover, they only have 1 bike parking spot in their house.

And now they have 2 bikes and 1 car but no parking space. 

To make room for all these, they plan to demolish the ground floor house where they are currently staying and construct their house on the 1st floor.

And keep full ground floor for parking. My wife informed me.

Oh… Who told you all this? I asked my wife.

That house Aunty itself informed me.

Okay. I responded and returned to my home office to continue my work.

See. I can understand the owner’s situation. Due to a lack of proper planning at the construction stage, they will pay a hefty price for doing reconstruction work.

Reconstruction cost more than the construction cost itself.

Keep that in mind.

Demolishing and rebuilding are a waste of materials and labour costs.

If you have any such requirement, properly plan while building time itself, not after facing the issue.

Take enough time to properly discuss with all the family members and engineers and plan your house for future use.

Don’t plan in a hurry and make mistakes.

Suppose if they plan and execute properly, for the same reconstruction cost, they could have to build another floor and collect rent sitting in their house, as I do now.

It is a waste of resources, time and money.

And constructing too much big house is also unnecessary.

Keep these points in mind when you are planning to start.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure this neighbour’s house used numerology to name their baby.

I believe in numerology…

For my house and my daughter, I followed numerology to name it.

If you are also interested in following, I built an Excel sheet to make this job easier.

Not just that…

I also added a guide on finding your lucky number inside the guide. If any of this interests you. Click on the below link for more details: