While removing centering plates, don’t forget to do this

Once, our laborers struggled too much to remove the molding chape/centering mat from the RCC.

Almost two people were trying to remove the chape from the RCC.

Their work was not all progressing.

They are taking too long to remove the chape.

So I asked them… “Why are you struggling to remove here in this place but not the rest of the places.”

They replied, “We can remove the chape easily if we remove it immediately after removing the centering plates. But here we are removing after many days… so chape is not coming at all.

That time I understood the fact.

If we remove the chape immediately after removing the centering plate, It’s one labor 1-hour job.

But now, they took 2 laborers’ 1-day work.

It’s a labor waste for us due to not knowing this fact.

Luckily, this happened only in one spot and not all over the building, or else we would have… 😨

So while removing centering plates, make sure to ARRANGE LABOUR from your civil/building contractor to remove the chape from the RCC ceiling on the same day without any exception.

Or else instead of a 1-hour job, they need to do 1 full day work. 

If the chape is not removed properly, then while plastering, cement won’t stick properly to the ceiling. So they clean properly or else it will be more work for them.

And one more thing…

Before starting plastering work… make sure to get confirmation from your electrician, or else you may do plastering again in some places.

In this case, not just labor but material also gets wasted!

Checkout 5.55 on Electrical Contractor Guide to know more 

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