Robotic vacuum cleaners need WiFi to function

A few years back, I bought a robotic vacuum cleaner for my home for cleaning purposes.

It is imported from China.

When I imported that time in the Indian market, only one or two brands of robotic vacuum cleaners were available.

And that too only basic features models were available with too costly price tag (₹35K+).

So I decided to buy it from China, which has few advanced features and a lower price (I guess ₹12K to ₹18K).

When It’s arrived.

I didn’t expect too much from the device at first.

But as soon as we started using it, our family and I were impressed by the functioning and cleaning of that robotic cleaner.

It was going wherever it is not possible to clean by humans.

Like under the cot is one such location I liked.

Human involvement was not at all required for robotics to perform cleaning tasks.

All can be set at once, and the robot will do cleaning as per our settings, which can be done on the mobile app.

To perform auto mode, the robot must always connect to WiFi to perform its task.

Without connecting to the Internet/WiFi, it does its work… but it’s not as efficient as it was connected to the Internet.

If it’s connected to WiFi, there are a lot of advantages we get. A few of them are:

  • Works completely automatic. No human interaction is required to start its work
  • Live cleaning location update
  • The live location of the device can be noticed
  • Time scheduling can be done automatic
  • Controlling the device from the mobile app is possible only if it’s connected to WiFi
  • and many more such features

These many features can only be enjoyed if the device is connected to WiFi in all locations.

Not just in some spots. You will miss all those features if the device loses WiFi signals in some areas.

I didn’t seem aware of all these things when I bought that device. I simply bought it. Only after buying that time, I got to know about all these things.

This is 2 or 3 years before story.

Nowadays, even more advanced devices are coming which need WiFi to access advanced features, or else you miss those features.

Fortunately, I seriously took the Home networking concept in our first house and implemented it all around our house.

When I discussed my plan with my first building electrical contractor, they explained why you needed to do all these things, as we now have advanced WiFi devices.

Why do you spend money on wiring, as they advised me.

I didn’t listen to anyone. My Internet business requires good speed internet all around the building, and I did what I wanted.

Now I’m enjoying myself because of such a decision.

If you have networking knowledge, I recommend implementing it all over your building.

If you in case you don’t… wait some days.

I’m already working on a guide about home networking for the new building.

Till then you can read:

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