Electrical contractor forgot the payment we made

When our electrical contractor work was almost complete, our contractor asked me – “Sir, Payment.”

Ok… After checking with my system, I told them ₹5,000 is what we have to pay. 

Our contractor – no, I think it should be around ₹10,000

Hmm… again, some conflict.

I checked again roughly, and it showed the same ₹5,000. 

Now I asked our contractor to give me one day time. I will check and let you know where that difference amount is missing.

He agreed to my request.

After checking, I noticed what mistake I made 🤦‍♂️

Although I made a mistake, the amount we needed to pay was ONLY ₹5,000. And due to my mistake, our contractor also got confused (I hope so).

I noticed I didn’t follow the steps explained in my House Construction Tracking System for that ₹5,000 transaction, so this issue happened.

Fortunately, the house construction tracking system is designed so that if you fail in one way, you are still protected! The only thing is, you need to sit in front of the PC and spend a few minutes to find the problem.

Once you find the problem, your problem will solve without any argument with your contractor.

Got a call from our Contractor…

The next day our contractor called me to enquire about that difference amount; I explained clearly what had happened and offered our contractor sufficient proof (he didn’t ask, but I gave it).

After that, our electrical contractor Never asked about that difference ₹5,000

This case was also solved without any issues or arguments.

If I had followed my house construction tracking system properly, this issue would have been avoided altogether. 

Anyway, we are humans. We make mistakes… and my House Construction Tracking System is designed perfectly to handle such situations.

Anyway, if you want to protect yourself from such incidents, get:


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