This is a real-life story of my friend who had success with numerology. This is a life-changing experience I have personally witnessed. 

He was my very close friend in my office while I was working. He is never had many issues in his life…

The only issue he has suffered for the past few years is… to have a “Baby.” 

It’s not something he or his wife have any medical issues with. 

All of their attempts ended up in Miscarriage

It’s not just one or two times it happened like that… It easily happens more than 4+ times. And coming to time… I guess they waited 6+ years to have a baby.

All their waiting ends with some tragedy.

He tried all possible solutions.

He is not just sitting ideal and hoping for the best every time.

He tried every possible solution he could find…

Consulted doctors: They said no medical issues. And suggested some treatment, which didn’t fix their issues.

Visited Temples: They visited all possible temples and did all kinds of pooja… but still no result.

Consulted Astrologers: He consulted some astrologers to find a solution and tried what they suggested… again, no result.

He was openly discussing their issues with all his friends to know any solutions to his problem. Whatever the suggestions he got, he tried all of their solutions.

Still no use.

And one fine day….

Some astrologer showed up in front of his house and predicted his problem, and suggested him change his name as a solution. 

But changing his name is not easy, as you might know.


He decided to give it a try without thinking much. 


Until then, I was working with the same company, and he used to share everything with me, so I know this story.

After I quit my job to build my own online business… we lost contact. 


Few Year Later…

He uploaded a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY photo on Facebook 👶

That’s when I got to know it worked for him. And his name has Already changed on Facebook as well.

I know he struggled a lot. They spent a lot of money… but none worked for him.

Finally, he changed his name, and now… he had a Baby boy.

If changing his name to a name that is compatible with his numerological lucky number has such a drastic impact on one life. 

Why not adopt and give a proper name while naming your building?

The choice is yours.

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