Yesterday we were not in our house till 10pm… within that time someone took outside blub.

My guess is it’s our tenants.

All our tenants are college students. I guess someone’s bulb might gone, and they took the shortcut to replace it.

I haven’t asked any of them yet. And I won’t even plan to ask.

If we had installed CCTV, we could have easily identified who the guy was.

We still not yet installed CCTV yet. Only wiring part is done. I’m waiting for a good offer on Amazon India to order them.

I do have a few suspects… but I cannot ask them.

Also… it may not be our tenants as well.

Many of their friends came yesterday. Who knows, any of their friends took it as well.

Anyway, I learned some lessons and shared them on my electrical work guide at 5.61. Maybe it could help you to prevent such a thing from happening permanently.