Thought of buying a network box?

Yesterday, my brother worked on some changes in the network box.

As it’s Sunday, we will always work on house-related stuff or improve the existing setup.

The current network setup has caused some issues over the past few months… so my brother decided to fix that issue by trying a workaround.

Somehow, we were able to fix that issue.

If you have CCTV and Internet connection in your house and are planning to buy a network box, then you need to remember a few points.

I didn’t share before… because I never expected this problem earlier.

Now I can see the problem and am ready to share this issue…

This is something related to the network box. If you don’t plan on buying this, then you can skip this.

I implemented this tip myself in my new building… but never noticed an issue with the previous setup until I faced a new challenge.

So, to share my thoughts and suggestions on buying a network box for your house, I added a new section Inside the Internet Everywhere Bonus section called Network Box Choosing.

If you plan to buy a network box, then read the guide and then buy.

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