It’s 1st Dec 2022. I informed our plumbing contractor to come early… Look like he took my words too seriously and came around 9 am itself instead of his normal time like - 11:30 Am, which is usually after dropping his daughter at her school.

Me and my dad still yet to have breakfast. 

As he showed up in front of our home, we were left with no option apart from going with him to show the Top floor water pressure issue.

One of our tenants complained the previous day, saying the shower water pressure is LOW. 

He came to attend that issue.

One of the good things about our plumber is, if any plumbing issues happen within 3 years, our plumber will do all the plumbing work free of cost. 

Yes. he keeps his words.

So all 3 of us went to the 3rd floor and started checking each house and tried a few of his ideas to fix the pressure issue and implemented a few of them.

The problem is somewhat fixed. 

**It’s a 3rd-floor issue… not a plumber problem. **

The water tank is right above the 3rd floor, so water pressure is always low on the 3rd floor compared to the Ground, 1st, and 2nd floor.

Now work is done, and the time is already 12 PM. We were still hungry… and our plumber and I came to our house.

We both kept quiet few minutes… I know what could happen next. I was thinking; now our contractor is going to ask for Payment. 

And I was right… “Sir, send some money” 🙂

No.. this is not a charge for attending issues. He was asking for a Leftover contract Payment. 

Me, Ya sure I will pay now. 

After doing some calculations, I told them we needed to pay xx,xxx much. 

Our contractor NO… it’s more. 

I showed the calculation.. he saw and pointed out Water Meter installation price was wrong.

He said, Per meter, it’s ₹1,500. But you calculated ₹1,000. 

So totally, he installed 9 meters. 

According to him, it’s: 9*1500= ₹13,500

According to us, it’s 9*1000=₹9,000.

**The difference was 13500-9000=₹4,500   **

We are telling our version, and he was telling his version of the discussion, which happened on the contract day (1/12/2020, Wow.. that’s exactly 2 years before!). 

He told he never told ₹1,000. It was ₹1,500, which he told me that day. 

It’s a common thing that usually happens with the most contractor. He could be a good or bad contractor, and this kind of issue always happens while doing your house construction.

In our case, he was a very good contractor, but we are human we always forget stuff.

I didn’t argue much… For 2nd house construction, I followed my new way of House construction tracking system. And implemented what I thought there.

He couldn’t speak any extra words after that.

**We WON. He realized he was Wrong 😄 **

It’s an instant saving of ₹4,500 without arguing with our contractor. 

If you want to avoid such issues happening during your house construction time, get my House construction tracking system and implement what I teach there. And save money, avoid verbal fights and headaches. 

It’s almost ready now. 

I gave access to my younger brother Avinash, and he said something was missing, so I made changes yesterday. 

Now again, I need to send it to him for his review. Once he gives the green signal, it will be out at a discounted price for a  few days. 

Make sure to grab on as soon as it launches to get a discount.