A few days back a new house opening happened near to our house. 

It’s a Luxurious house. 

The owner has spent good money on the decoration and all… 

But it seems like the owner didn’t have some basic knowledge about electrical stuff, and now they made some serious mistakes. 

They installed a “Meter Box.”

to Compound Wall! 

Nothing wrong with installing a meter box anywhere they want. 

But in this case, they made a serious mistake installing a meter box in the Open Space

Initially, I thought it was temporary purpose. 

But it looks like the place is permanent. 

Even after 20+ days, they never changed the placement of the meter box. 

For the past few days, it’s been raining here…

I get scared watching his meter box getting wet daily due to rain.  

I don’t know how his electrical contractor did this type of work…. 

At least, if the electrical contractor had advised the owner about the consequences of doing so, the owner could avoid making such a stupid mistake. 

Seems like his electrical contractor did what his owner asked to do… collected the payment and left the site. 

If any issues happen, the owner’s family is the one who is going to pay the penalty for such stupid work. 

In the future, if he decides to change… it cost him more, and the work will be patchwork

It’s not just about the cost. 

Imagine the ‘safety’ of their family. 

I hope you already aware of issues during the rainy season what happened to people who touched the electrical pole. 

And now… the same mistake they did in their house!



You should have your knowledge when building a house to prevent such issues from happening. 

If you think your contractor will take care, then you are dead wrong. 

They care only about how easily they can finish their work… get paid, and move on. 

That’s all they care about. 

Not that “only” mistake 

I can see 2 more such issues in the house. 

  1. one is in the electrical pole 

  2. In the meter box 

They are not serious issues compared to the open space issue. 

These are good to have features when any maintenance issue comes. 

Avoid such owner mistakes 

In my electrical work guide, I have mentioned all such points and the right way to do those.

This guide contains almost 25+ pages of solid tips. 

If you read and implement it, you could avoid unknown issues like the above owner did.  

One or the other day, that owner will pay the price for his and his electrical contractor’s negligence they have done in his house.

I don’t want you also make such serious safety issues in your house. 

For now… it just costs ₹1,000/- 

If you need to fix the issues later… it could easily cost you more than ₹1,000+, depending on the nature of your problem.

I will ask my meter reader if possible if he can talk to that house owner about this issue. 

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