The Right way of choosing an Electrical contractor

While building our first building, we learned some lessons the really hard way.

One such lesson is hiring the wrong electrical contractor.

When we hired the wrong electrical contractor, we not only faced issues with electrical work in our building.

But we also faced an issue getting the final permanent connection from the electricity department.

After completing our building work, we waited 2 to 3 months for a permanent connection.

Our electrical contractor gave a fake RR number, collected his payment, and absconded.

No matter how hard we tried to reach him. We couldn’t able to reach our contractor…

Our meter reader complained to higher officials after so much delay in getting the proper RR number. When the matter escalated to higher officials, things somewhat came to some level.

It’s not an easy process for us.

Me and my dad had to visit the BESCOM office almost every day to know the status of our case and file.

After spending some money and energy, we finally brought our files to the final stage.

While dealing with my problem with the BESCOM official, I understood something.

This is a pretty common game played by most half-backed electrical contractors.

They do all the building work… but not the office work.


Because it’s the last stage of the work, they need to give bribes to officials to get the work done. So, it’s much easier to collect payment from the customer and leave them without finishing their work.

And not just that.

To move files in the department, there is some skill involved.

Not every contractor can handle those.

Thankfully, our first building is a partially constructed building (G+1).

If in case we fully built our building… I don’t know how I could have got approval without a Good electrical contractor.

A lot goes into getting a permanent connection for a fully built G+3 building.

If you don’t want to suffer while taking permanent connection at the end of your building, then make sure to follow the tips shared in sections 1 to 1.4 in my electrical work guide.

In that section, I gave tips on how to pick the right electrical contractor.

It could be little extra work at the beginning… but believe me, it’s worth following those steps.

You won’t find such steps elsewhere.

View Sections 1 to 1.4 in my electrical work guide >>

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