Choosing a name for our new building took me soo long… 

For almost 2 months, our family and I searched for a name for our new building. 

Finally… after searching a lot, I got a name that is Good and satisfies some of my conditions. 

A few such conditions are:

  1. Name should be Short and easy to say

  2. Name should be ok with numerology as well

It’s easy to find short and easy-to-say names. But making sure a name perfectly matches my lucky number is somewhat difficult. 

When the name is good, numerology lucky number is not matching. When numerology matches, the name was not that much GOOD.

That’s why it took me so long to find the name.

Somehow after trying for so many days, I finally found the name. This is exactly similar to our old building name, and only the last word differs.

Our first building’s name is: Sri Vishnu Nilaya

Our new building’s name is: Sri Vishnu Krupa

I’m happy that our new building name matches our old building name, but still, it’s a unique name that also matches my lucky number as well.

**Do you believe in **


If you believe in astrology/numerology… then you should start searching for names as early as possible. 

Because searching name which matches numerology is not that easy.

If you know your lucky number, plenty of online tools are available to check the numerology for that name.


Almost all the tools lack one feature… That is to search the numerology of that names in BULK.

If I had used those online tools to search name, it could have taken me a few more months to finalize the name. 

Thankfully… I developed an Excel sheet to bulk calculate name numerology while naming my newborn daughter a few months back.

It took me so many days to develop a formula to calculate name numerology. I almost gave up on trying to find a solution. 

But.. I didn’t. 

I know if I find a solution, I could use that solution again and again as and when required.

Here again… I got another chance to use it.

Anyway, if you are interested in searching name which matches your lucky number. Then, my “Bulk Name Numerology Calculator” Excel sheet will help you.

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