I was going through some forums recently and came across the post below.

Which is related to taking a permanent connection from BESCOM.

(Don’t take some user’s suggestions on that post. Most of them don’t know what they are talking about.)


Hey everyone. So I recently constructed my home and I was initially using a temporary electricity connection. Someone I know introduced us to a guy in order to convert the temporary connection to permanent. This guy told us a bunch of issues with getting connection and demanded 50k which I initially agreed to. However I later realised that it was way more than others generally take in order to do this. By this point I had already paid him almost 40k (DD to BESCOM + into his account) and I refused when he demanded the rest of the payment. This is the 2nd month in this house and i haven’t received my electricity bill. When I asked the guy who comes to give the bill, he said that he needs the RR number and that we have to ask the guy who gave us the initial connection. I don’t think that guy is gonna help us without the rest of the payment.

Does anyone know of an alternate way to get the RR number?


This is similar to the case which we faced in our first building.

Common mistakes made by many new users while building their first house. We also did the same in our first building…

We realised our mistake and took care of it in our second building.

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People who are stuck with such issues know well.

There are many things I shared inside that guide which is required for many new users to be aware of.

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