This issue happened to our first sump.

We decided to use 2 manual labourers to clean our sump.

And our sump is 30,000 to 35,000 ltr capacity.

In the beginning, we didn’t have any issues…

Everything went smoothly… until the labours reached the ending stage of cleaning.

That time we realised our sump design mistake.

My dad and I were standing outside the sump cover and talking about the mistake that took so much time to clean the sump.

It’s a simple mistake we didn’t realise while building our sump.

And no one guided about this tip…

Now here we are facing the issue while doing sump cleaning time.

Instead of one hour of cleaning time for that specific task… it took our labourers almost 3+ hours to do the same task.

To this day, we still feel pain while cleaning our sump, which happens yearly in most cases.

Please don’t make the same mistake as us.

You can only implement this tip while building your sump.. and not after building it.

If you are interested in knowing what went wrong and want to avoid that mistake yourself, then it’s all mentioned in my sump construction guide in section 3.6 (3), 8.1 »

Oh… by the way, we didn’t make the same mistake in the new building sump 🙂