Don’t make this Inverter mistake

Yesterday, my brother and I were filling distilled water to our inverter battery.

That time I remembered what mistake I could have made if I placed an inverter inside our house.

If it’s for rental property, then it’s ok.

If it’s for your own house, I don’t recommend keeping the Inverter setup inside your house.

There are various reasons behind it.

I’m not going to mention all of those here…

Initially, while building our house, we didn’t know about the Inverter and how it works…

We knew we would have Inverter in our house but didn’t know much about it.

This is our first time experiencing it (in our house).

So like any other, we initially planned to have an inverter inside our house.

All planning is done…

One day one of my mom’s friends visited our construction house, and at that time they guided alternative suggestion.

They don’t know the real reason behind it.

They suggested a new location because in their owner’s house they did like that, so they naturally suggested the new spot.

They simply suggested to us how about _______ place?

We felt ya.. should be fine. No issue.

And our plan changed from inside our house to the new spot.

Today we are thankful for such a suggestion.

If we hadn’t changed the inverter location from inside the house to outside, we could have faced little discomfort for lifelong.

My suggestion is… don’t keep Inverter inside your house.

It’s not the right spot for the owner’s house.

If you need a great spot and things to remember while preparing the inverter location, check out the 5.10, 5.11, 5.37, 5.50, and 5.54 sections on the Electrical work guide.

Today I updated the guide with little more tips on Inverter setup stuff with Images.

Even if you don’t use Inverter now, I recommend preparing it for future use. Later it will be costly to do the setup.

Click here to learn more about Inverter Setup tips here >>

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