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You will need this. Don’t sell…

When you are building your house, you will have a lot of steel rod pieces. Some may sell those rods when a scrap vehicle comes, thinking it won’t be required anymore. Don’t make such a mistake. You may need those steel rods till completion of your building construction work.

Fancy light for the hall

Fancy lights add a premium look to your brand-new house. But before you buy, you should consider a few things… This was a few years back incident. Our relatives constructed a brand new duplex house… Like many, they are also interested in making little shiny for their new house. They bought a bigger fancy light …

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item req’d from building contractor for housewarming function

We recently finished our housewarming function. I remembered one point I need to mention in the Building contractor guide. You need these items from your building contractor till the housewarming function is over. Sometimes, your contractor takes these items as soon as the work is over if you don’t ask them to keep them.

Site Marking in Construction

Site marking is one of the beginning house construction activities done by your building contractor. Once you finish Bhoomi/Gudali Pooja, you will do the site cleaning and leveling by JCB or manual labour. If you already did this work before Gudali Pooja, you don’t need to do that again. After all these activities, your building …

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