A story of a “1368.”

A few days back in Karnataka, Lokayukta raided a few government officials. In this raid, one guy caught more coverage on the Karanataka news channels than any other government officials. That is, a Lokayukta raid on K.R Puram Tahsildar “Ajith Rai”. This tahsildar made illegal assets worth 500 cr!

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My friend real-life story

This is a real-life story of my friend who had success with numerology. This is a life-changing experience I have personally witnessed.  He was my very close friend in my office while I was working. He is never had many issues in his life… The only issue he has suffered for the past few years

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You believe or don’t believe

Let’s assume you don’t believe in Astrology/Numerology… once you are done building your house, you shortlist some names to keep for your house. Usually, you pick some cool name you feel good about and name it your house. In this case also you are going to keep some name. Here in this, you don’t see

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