Fancy light for the hall

Fancy lights add a premium look to your brand-new house. But before you buy, you should consider a few things… This was a few years back incident. Our relatives constructed a brand new duplex house… Like many, they are also interested in making little shiny for their new house. They bought a bigger fancy light …

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item req’d from building contractor for housewarming function

We recently finished our housewarming function. I remembered one point I need to mention in the Building contractor guide. You need these items from your building contractor till the housewarming function is over. Sometimes, your contractor takes these items as soon as the work is over if you don’t ask them to keep them.

Missing item came and here what happened.

During the Big Indian Sale, I ordered almost ₹50,000 products from Amazon. This time, it was a little confusing to take product delivery. The reason is Amazon was sending multiple orders in a single box. We cannot know what items in the box are coming. This is the first time I experienced such a thing.

the wow factor of a building

While distributing our housewarming invitation card, we went to one of our relative’s houses. Who was staying in the rental property. As soon as we saw the house, we were impressed. It’s a brand new building… and that too for rental property. It was a very well-designed building. We told the same to our relatives …

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House Construction Labour Cost

When you are ready to start house construction, you will start searching for a good building or labour contractor for your house. When you start enquiring about building contractors, you will be quoted different labour prices. Some contractors quote a little higher than other contractors for some reason.

Our Saturday Shopping Lesson…

Today is Saturday. It’s a vegetable shopping day for us. What do I do? I will be sleeping at that time. ha ha… Before I wake up, my brother and dad will usually go shopping. But I make sure I wake before they reach home 🙂 Okk…

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