Our Saturday Shopping Lesson…

Today is Saturday. It’s a vegetable shopping day for us. What do I do? I will be sleeping at that time. ha ha… Before I wake up, my brother and dad will usually go shopping. But I make sure I wake before they reach home 🙂 Okk…

Why you shouldn’t sell empty cement bag

While constructing the house, every time molding was over, one aged guy with a child would come near our construction building and ask if we had any empty cement available for sale? Me and My dad… we always used to sell some excess empty bags by keeping some with us to those guys.

Cement Becomes Useless if You Don’t Protect It

It’s raining here in Bangalore… and I’m receiving SMS from Gov’t regarding rain alerts. They are saying the rain will continue for a few more days. I’m not the only one receiving such SMS in my family. My other family members also received such sms.

Cement Suppliers Price Compared

Yesterday… I had to order cement. I just needed to order only 10 bags. Because our building is already in the finishing stage, the method I explained in cement pricing secrets won’t work in low quantity orders. So I had no option but to look for a nearby cement seller. It was afternoon… I took …

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All Cement Price List Today

You are looking for all cement price lists Today to compare that cement price with the local cement shops and order cement for your house construction, whoever offers a similar price. Although I’m not going to share Today cement Price List on this post, I’m going to share some helpful information for users who are …

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