Laying fibre optic cables

BDA acquired many empty land in Bangalore to develop a BDA site. The project name is “Dr K Shivaram Karanth Layout”. If you watch the news or read the newspaper, you might have heard about it. After so much opposition from the land owner, BDA finally got a green signal from the court to acquire …

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Regarding our Smart Home Attempt

During our first house construction time, I wasn’t aware of the smart home and IOT concept yet. But one thing I’m sure of is… having a proper network should be set up for our entire house. So with my networking knowledge, I implemented the networking concept for the full building. Due to good broadband speed… …

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I got a call from Tennant’s dad for Internet setup

Today at around 5 PM, I was resting on my bed and scrolling Facebook feed on my mobile. I got a call from one of my tenant (MCA student) Dad. Tennant dad: “Arun, we need an internet connection today. Can you arrange it?“

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