5 lakh just to move the Transformer?

Today, one of our favourite mason who built our two houses came to our house. His name is Shafi… Good, talented and fast-working guy. He often visits our house, have snacks, discusses with us, and leave. Today is one such day he visited our house just to speak to us…

you should “MASTER” this…

While building your house, one thing you should master is… saying “NO” to your contractor. What I’m referring to is… Contractors usually call suddenly out of nowhere and tell some story to ask for money… That’s a common practice done by all contractors in most cases. Once you say YES… they may return it or …

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How I handled contractor asking more price

It’s 1st Dec 2022. I informed our plumbing contractor to come early… Look like he took my words too seriously and came around 9 am itself instead of his normal time like – 11:30 Am, which is usually after dropping his daughter at her school. Me and my dad still yet to have breakfast. 

Thinking Its Contractors Work

Once we assign work to contractors for specific work we usually think it’s contractor work and don’t usually monitor labours. It’s a big mistake we do. Specially in buidling construction contract work.

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