Toilet Waterproofing is required?

Toilet waterproofing is a new trend. As and when technology develops, new products will come to market to solve problems. One such thing is Toilet Waterproofing. In Toilet waterproofing, they clean the surface and paint the flooring with a waterproofing solution.  That paint forms rubber type when it dries. In that way, it prevents water …

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Prevent Birds from Entering Through Pipes

In our first building, we kept 6-inch PVC pipes in the toilet and kitchen for ventilation and to install exhaust fans. We installed a typical 6″ PVC Vent Cowl for every pipe.

Don’t Choose this type of Water Level Controller

Yesterday I was checking product sales reports on website. While checking, I noticed someone bought Robsync Unisync Tank Smart Device Fully Automatic Water Tank Level Controller (Wifi/Mobile App Based Automatic Water Tank Level Controllable from anywhere, anytime) Wired. Which I never promoted anywhere.

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