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one cement bag gone?

Yesterday, after lunch, I was returning from our first house to the second house through the backside door. I guess the time was around 3:30pm… When I came to my home office, I noticed something strange near the house construction spot from my window. Two guys came by scooty, and the building contractor put one

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Our rainy day issue

This incident happened in our first building. Our construction work is over. We also moved to our new building… Everything is going well until the rainy season starts.  When the rain started, we noticed some mistakes but didn’t take them seriously.  As days passed, we repeatedly did the same problem-fixing task. We thought we could

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Fancy light for the hall

Fancy lights add a premium look to your brand-new house. But before you buy, you should consider a few things… This was a few years back incident. Our relatives constructed a brand new duplex house… Like many, they are also interested in making little shiny for their new house. They bought a bigger fancy light

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