Tennant escaped due to the electrician’s mistake.

One of our student tenants escaped from a common mistake made by our electrical contractor team. Luckily, he got only injured on his shoulders, and nothing serious happened. This incident happened a few days back. When we were distributing housewarming invitation cards, we were not there in the home.

5 lakh just to move the Transformer?

Today, one of our favourite mason who built our two houses came to our house. His name is Shafi… Good, talented and fast-working guy. He often visits our house, have snacks, discusses with us, and leave. Today is one such day he visited our house just to speak to us…

How neighbour theft blocks

This afternoon, some sound came. Out of curiosity, I opened my CCTV visuals on my mobile. I noticed someone taking hallow blocks from next to our building construction spot. I watched who the guy was… it was none other than the neighbour’s house. They took only two blocks to make some sitting arrangements outside their …

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Someone took the bulb…

Yesterday we were not in our house till 10pm… within that time someone took outside blub. My guess is it’s our tenants. All our tenants are college students. I guess someone’s bulb might gone, and they took the shortcut to replace it.

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