Cleaned HER Scooty for this mistake

Our painting labours painting our wall in the new building. We alerted all our tenants to keep their belongings things to keep inside. Everyone did so. But we underestimated where and all paint can fall.  When the work was going on… I got a WhatsApp message from one girl saying:

Painting outside during the rainy season…

We were doing repainting work for our own house. All inside work is done… Only the front elevation painting work is pending. We are trying to finish that front elevation painting work from last week onwards. But it’s not happening due to rain.

Painters are not interested in doing wall putty sanding work

Painters do all the painting work, but when it’s time to do the wall putty sanding task, most laborers lose interest.  For that reason, every painting contractor offers a special bonus to laborers for finishing the putty sanding work. 

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