Parking mistake…

Today, I was going on a bike to withdraw cash to give to our maid. I was watching houses while going… I don’t understand one thing. That thing I’m not going to reveal here. It’s precious and important, which is not worth revealing here. It’s reserved for our Paid members.

item req’d from building contractor for housewarming function

We recently finished our housewarming function. I remembered one point I need to mention in the Building contractor guide. You need these items from your building contractor till the housewarming function is over. Sometimes, your contractor takes these items as soon as the work is over if you don’t ask them to keep them.

Tennant escaped due to the electrician’s mistake.

One of our student tenants escaped from a common mistake made by our electrical contractor team. Luckily, he got only injured on his shoulders, and nothing serious happened. This incident happened a few days back. When we were distributing housewarming invitation cards, we were not there in the home.

When time is bad

The day before yesterday, I had an appointment with our astrologer to fix the gruha pravesh date for our house. The appointment is scheduled at 6:20PM. I planned to leave our house at 5:35pm. That day, Bangalore bandh was announced due to Cauvery issues. Only a few public transport are available.

My bike repair lesson

Yesterday, my brother went to the bike service centre to show some issues with my bike. As it was a little far… he handled such stuff. If it’s near, I handle it. The showroom guys suggested some other problems while checking the bike. Whatever the other issue they suggested it cost us – ₹9412.

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