house construction

my first refund request

Yesterday at 11:20 PM, while working on my new guide, “Parking Horror”, in my new home office, I got a first refund request from a customer who bought my “All-Access Pass”. He is a customer who is staying in abroad. Here is what he sent in the mail:

the wow factor of a building

While distributing our housewarming invitation card, we went to one of our relative’s houses. Who was staying in the rental property. As soon as we saw the house, we were impressed. It’s a brand new building… and that too for rental property. It was a very well-designed building. We told the same to our relatives …

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Yearly once the sale is near…

India’s biggest yearly once sale is near on Amazon and Flipkart. It starts from 7th October 2023 on both sites. If you plan to buy anything for yourself or your house, this is the right time to shop to get an Amazing discount on the products.

When time is bad

The day before yesterday, I had an appointment with our astrologer to fix the gruha pravesh date for our house. The appointment is scheduled at 6:20PM. I planned to leave our house at 5:35pm. That day, Bangalore bandh was announced due to Cauvery issues. Only a few public transport are available.

House Construction Labour Cost

When you are ready to start house construction, you will start searching for a good building or labour contractor for your house. When you start enquiring about building contractors, you will be quoted different labour prices. Some contractors quote a little higher than other contractors for some reason.

My bike repair lesson

Yesterday, my brother went to the bike service centre to show some issues with my bike. As it was a little far… he handled such stuff. If it’s near, I handle it. The showroom guys suggested some other problems while checking the bike. Whatever the other issue they suggested it cost us – ₹9412.

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