you should “MASTER” this…

While building your house, one thing you should master is… saying “NO” to your contractor.

What I’m referring to is…

Contractors usually call suddenly out of nowhere and tell some story to ask for money…

That’s a common practice done by all contractors in most cases.

Once you say YES… they may return it or ask you to deduct it from future payments.

And within a few days, they will have some other issues.

Again they will call you and ask for money…

The cycle keeps on continuing… and the return cycle won’t.

Now at some point in time, you realize you have already paid way more money than you are supposed to pay to your contractor.

YOU who helped initially are the ones who get stuck…

You cannot deduct from labor payment… because the contractor will stop sending laborers if you do so.

You cannot ask your contractor to pay you back… because you will feel SHY asking him like that 🙂

So the better way to deal?

Say “NO” when they ask for extra for the first time.

They will ask again… Again say “NO” next time also…

If they ask again… the same. Say NO.

I guess they don’t continue from now onwards.

By this time, they understood you wouldn’t pay extra, so they never bother asking for some made-up emergencies again.

Please note: This tip/guide is only for when a contractor asks for an extra amount for his problems. Please don’t hold the amount you should pay your contractor. I personally never do and never encourage such behavior.

If you need a more advanced strategy to protect yourself from financial loss while constructing a house, I recommend you check out my house construction tracking system.

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