Yesterday, for some reason, I got to see so much content related to Trust. So, I decided to share today’s email about Trust. While building your house, you should not rely on the TRUST factor more. It would help if you always thought about the Give and Take policy. It could go wrong if you …

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Good Locks for your House

When we selected interlocks for our first building, we picked Europa locks due to their brand name and key size. Those small interlock key features made us go with Europa locks, then. Would you love to have a Bulk key or a Small key? We already have good experience in holding those old bulk interlock …

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Fancy light for the hall

Fancy lights add a premium look to your brand-new house. But before you buy, you should consider a few things… This was a few years back incident. Our relatives constructed a brand new duplex house… Like many, they are also interested in making little shiny for their new house. They bought a bigger fancy light …

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item req’d from building contractor for housewarming function

We recently finished our housewarming function. I remembered one point I need to mention in the Building contractor guide. You need these items from your building contractor till the housewarming function is over. Sometimes, your contractor takes these items as soon as the work is over if you don’t ask them to keep them.

Missing item came and here what happened.

During the Big Indian Sale, I ordered almost ₹50,000 products from Amazon. This time, it was a little confusing to take product delivery. The reason is Amazon was sending multiple orders in a single box. We cannot know what items in the box are coming. This is the first time I experienced such a thing.

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