Never Deal with Bad People

When you do any business, I highly recommend you to avoid dealing with bad people. I know no one likes to do business with bad people, but you couldn’t avoid working with bad people due to some circumstances.

Avoid Business with Friends

I hope you already came across this line before. If not, make sure you read this post before hiring your friend/relative as a contractor. We ignored this line, and we paid for it.

Thinking Its Contractors Work

Once we assign work to contractors for specific work we usually think it’s contractor work and don’t usually monitor labours. It’s a big mistake we do. Specially in buidling construction contract work.

Starting House Construction without Proper Plan

I’m not talking about engineer building plan.. what I mean is, make sure you know what items to place in which location before you start building. If you follow Vastu, make sure your design engineer follow Vastu. If you doubt, it’s better to consult other Vastu consultants before you begin your house construction.

Risk of Working without Written Contract

Fortunately, when we started our house construction, we had a written contract with our Building Construction contractor. But we ignored all other contractors thinking other contractors will have less work, and we never made a written agreement with other contractors.

Borewell for Constructing House

After plan approval, you must make a water arrangement when ready to start constructing your dream house. Water will be required in large quantities during the construction process. In most cases, BBMP, BDA, Grama panchayath, etc., don’t supply water for construction buildings. You have to arrange water for yourself by taking it from the neighbors …

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Government Approval for House Construction

The owner or the builder has to get the approval from a different authority like BBMP, BDA, BMRDA, and Gram Panchayath etc. The following documents as to submit to get approval from above authority.

House Construction Area Site Leveling

The site leveling particularly needed for the foundation. It is the process of flattening existing slopes. Normally site leveling requires excavation and movement of the earth from a higher elevation to lower elevation.

Site Purchasing in India

So many types of sites are available in the market, a lot of care should be taken while purchasing. In this article, we are going to mention a few points you need to remember while choosing the site. All these points cannot be considered in most cases, but keeping all the below points will surely …

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