When you buy less quantity

When we went to the housewarming function shopping, we bought window and door curtains from Chikkapete. My dad roughly calculated the required curtains, and we bought only that many. We didn’t put those bought curtains immediately… We thought after the function we would put it as we postponed it.

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Material Shifting Tips

If you are building a multi-floor building that is bigger in size, then shifting materials with manual labourers may not be the right solution. In manual labourers, shifting materials takes time, and labourers easily get tired of climbing staircases. I sometimes feel it is an inhuman way to do work. So we went with material

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Bigger Vehicle Problem

A brick unloader vehicle came backside our house. It’s a bigger vehicle. While returning, the vehicle damaged another house drainage stone. Immediately house owner’s wife and neighbour’s ladies gang came and did a spot inspection 🙂 The construction house owner’s son and vehicle driver were both where staying there.  The owner’s wife called the owner’s

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DP Switch story

One of our tenant’s DP switches was not working, so we asked him to bring a new switch to replace it. He went to store and bought it immediately. I asked him how much it cost. He replied ₹185. Within 3 days, we also bought the same switch for ₹123—no bargain… nothing. We bought only

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