₹4,000 family case solved

Today something happened with our family.
At 11:58 am, my Mom, wife, and brother’s wife were doing rice cleaning outside.
I… here in my room writing an article about a temporary shed for construction purposes on my bed with my laptop.
Suddenly… my wife burst into my room and said, “Who is having my ₹4,000” she asked me.

I replied — “Mom.”
Mom is telling you have that.
No… call Mom.
My Mom came to the room… and shouted, “You already collected that amount.
Me… NO. I haven’t collected any money from you. You only have that cash.
My dad entered the room and started telling me… No, your Mom has no such cash, as he told me.
Mom: “I already gave it to you…” like she is arguing with me. I was also arguing with her.
While talk is going on… Mom asked my wife and Me to check both once.
I went to check my drawer… I said – see, I only had my daughter’s cash, which others had given her, around ₹2,000.
I opened that cash bundle and gave it to my wife to count the cash.
As soon as I opened it, we all noticed it had more than ₹2,000.
After counting, the cash is around ₹8,000, which is not mine.
So… my wife ₹4,000 is with me itself! 🤦‍♂️
I think my Mom gave it to me 3 or 4 months back. I genuinely “forgot” about that incident.
What If In case I used that CASH?
I will be blaming my Mom and my Mom for me.
Thanks… I never touched that cash, even when required. I kept that separate.
Usually, People on the receiving end easily forget. But on the giver’s end, NOT.

The same thing will happen between
“YOU” and the “CONTRACTORS.”

Construction takes time.
The conversation that happened between you and the contractor at the beginning of construction time could easily forget at the settlement time.
Contractors could easily forget whatever you have given or you have told.
It could be genuine reason or acting to extract some more money at the ending stage.
It would help if you properly remembered them or a difference will come between you and them.
The two similar instances happened in our 2nd building.
Thankfully, I was strictly following my House Construction Tracking system. And within a few minutes, I was able to solve both of the problems easily and happily.
I shared those case studies as well in my guide.

Here what you need to know to prevent it.  

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